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Hong Kong - The Complete Residents Guide

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Hong Kong - The Complete Residents Guide
More than just a travel guide...
Explorer Residents Guides may have everything a visitor wants, but these colourful pages also contain a captivating guide to life. Written by residents, for residents, the sheer volume of insider information has no comparison. Whether you re embarking on a new life or have been a resident for years, this is a guidebook you wont want to live without.

- Relocating - from visas and admin to finding a home
- Exploring - up The Peak, through the streets, around the parks and across the sea
- Living and working - jobs, schools, money, transport, health, sports & activities
- Going out - review of the finest restaurants, clubs, cafes and bars
- Shopping - the lowdown on malls, markets and more
- Satellite image maps - get to know Hong Kong like a local

The Hong Kong Explorer Residents Guide - We know Where You Live

Buch ist in Englisch.

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