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ShenYang - DVD Reiseführer in Englisch und Chinesisch

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ShenYang - DVD Reiseführer in Englisch und Chinesisch
As the biggest center city in the northeast region of China, Shenyang is the capital of the Liaoning Province, which is the center of economy, culture, transportation and trade in the northeast region and is also the heavy industry town and the famous city which culture legacy in Chinese history.
The Imperial Palace in Shenyang, the location of the basilica in the early time of the Qing Dynasty, is one of the two integrated constructions of basilica only preserved in Chinese history.
In recent years, authorities in Shenyang have made great efforts to discover the historical cultures of the Qing Dynasty and created the brand for tourism in Shenyang by presenting the unique features and artistic fascination of Shenyang known as the famous city with historical cultures.
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